Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ice Lake

We hiked around this lake last weekend. A partially-frozen body of water might not be that exciting to people living further north, but it was quite a novelty to us - especially since it was in the upper 40s-lower 50s that day - perfect for a hike. I was glad I wore my sturdiest boots. While ice remained on the lake, the mud on the trail had thawed, and half the trek was slogging ankle-deep in it. It was a rare sunny day, though, and we were glad to see some blue sky.


  1. I cannot imagine how incredible it would be to see something like that. How amazing, and very nice photos. Where I live in Australia we never get the cold. In fact, my little area of town is called "Endless Summer" as corny as that sounds, and even are winters are warm. So I always find it so fascinating to see pictures and hear people talking of what it is like to experience true cold weather.

  2. I think nature in all forms lovely. I love the close up shots especially.

    The resevoir where we often shoot pictures, in winter, the ice often groans and howls. It is the weirdest sound. rather like a gaint ship groans in movies...

  3. Hooray for partially frozen lakes! We don't really see that around Georgia. I guess up in the mountains they might though. These pictures turned out gorgeous.

  4. Hola, that's just beautiful. It looks just like where I live, but you'd have to drop the temperature a lot more!



  5. Oh, how beautiful! There's a lake near our house that was partially frozen, but it's right on the main road so I could never stop to get pictures. There's something so magical about frozen lakes!

  6. wow, I'm still waiting for our very cold whether to walk to the lakes near my house and check out the ice.
    Lovely pictures. Such a great looking lake to have near where you live.



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