Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ice Cream

Cotton Mata Traders skirt with fringed scarf and cotton t-shirt
Happy weekend!

These flip-flop sandals were a recent discovery. My cousins pass clothes around among themselves and these had come to me last year. They had remained packed in a box with my tap and jazz shoes until I found them a week or so ago. (So glad I didn't discover them in the middle of November)! This gray t-shirt is also a cousin hand-me-down.

Ice cream cone
top/sandals: second-hand
hat: target (old)
scarf: gift
satchel: thrifted


  1. Oooh fun that y'all share clothes! This is a great outfit btw! love all the patterns :)

  2. Nom! That ice cream looks amaaazing! Your outfit reminds me a lot of Amelie (the french film).

  3. colorful and fun, perfect for ice cream! those sandals were a lucky find!

    instead of an elephant

  4. Perfect for a summer day. Very Amelie, I agree!


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