Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wind Forest

Spring outfit - how to style red jeans.
Red Angry Rabbit Jeans with Cotton Bibico Blouse
I've been wearing the red jeans like crazy recently - it's amazing they haven't appeared on the blog yet. This cotton blouse certainly has. Both are perfect against the breezy May weather. The wind comes down from the mountains and makes a spooky sound zipping around our place.

I think red jeans can be a little tricky to style, but my tops are neutrals and blues, so these jeans seemed a natural fit in my wardrobe. They definitely increase outfit possibilities, oddly more so than a regular dark wash jean.

What's your favorite way to style jeans?

By the way, I really appreciate all of the nice comments from this past week, and I really wish I could have responded more to them. I certainly read all your comments and think about them and try to visit as many of your links as I can. <3

The Wind Forest from "My Neighbor Totoro" by Mari Fujiwara on Grooveshark
"I'm a shy little arthropod!"
cotton blouse: bibico
canvas shoes: c/o kandals
belt: second-hand
cloche: target (old)


  1. I absolutely LOVE my red jeans, although I don't think I've worn them on my blog either. And it's funny 'cause I have a very similar hat that's also from target.

  2. Ah! I never would have thought a floral blouse would work so well but it really does.

    I find my red jeans to be a little tricky. My favorite way to wear them (which sadly never appeared on my blog) was with a black sweater and scarf.

  3. I love your hat! :) and the heart shape of those petals.

  4. it's like you were born for hats!

  5. These red jeans look so cool on you! They're wonderful paired with your floral blouse. I just love how they compliment the pattern in your blouse so perfectly.


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