Thursday, May 9, 2013

Return of the Flour Sack Dress // A Review of Kandals

liz alig flour sack dress
fair trade dress made from flour sack
Dress from recycled flour sack, striped tote
Light green fair trade dress
I recently claimed these canvas shoes by Kandals as a reward on Chictopia. I thought the description was intriguing - shoes that smell! Kandals markets their canvas shoes as having a "fresh strawberry" scented outsole, an eco-friendly design and a planted tree for every pair sold. I could really use a comfortable pair of summer shoes to throw on and wear all day without worrying about blisters, so I went for it.

I'm super pleased with them - they are very comfortable and have a nice, cushiony insole. I've worn them quite a few times already and plan on using them all summer. My feet are size 7 long and size 8 wide, so I usually go with 8, and these are a perfect fit in that size.

So, do they actually smell like fresh strawberries? No. Not to me. But the first whiff of them brought on a wave of nostalgia. As a tot I had some sort of princess cupcake doll that had a scented rubber component. I might have had a scented My Little Pony too. The smell of these shoes remind me so much of those old scented toys, and it's actually quite pleasant. The scent doesn't really add or detract from the quality for me. It's their simple design, cotton canvas construction and comfortable insoles that makes them ideal. If you aren't phased by scented footwear, I highly recommend them.
canvas shoes: c/o kandals
tote: second-hand


  1. Your whole outfit is lovely. I know exactly what smell you're describing. Did you have Charmkins? They all had a smell and you could wear them as jewelry. ;)

    1. I never heard of Charmkins, so I looked them up - so cute! They remind me of the Polly Pocket jewelry. Your comment made me curious, so after some digging, I discovered it was actually a "Popcorn Pretty" from Mattel.

    2. I hadn't heard of Popcorn Pretty! So cute.:)

  2. Wow that dress is amazing! I love it! And now I'm curious to know what those shoes smell like :p

  3. This flour sack dress is just so cute! I love the cutouts in the back. Your new shoes sound like they'll be nice and comfy for summer adventures too.

  4. I love the simple appearance of this dress but it has such a rich detail! Also, your hairstyle is so pretty!

  5. I like this simple, clean styling of this dress (but then, I love this dress everytime it appears on your blog!)

  6. That dress is amazing! And I know exactly the smell you're talking about; I had those cupcake dolls, too. I loved that smell. But they didn't ever actually smell like real fruit, just... rubbery sweetness. Which is way better than it sounds.


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